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Stone Sour - Live At Stadthalle, Offenbach, GER 12-03-2012

Live At Stadthalle, Offenbach, GER 12-03-2012


01 Gone Sovereign
02 Absolute Zero
03 Mission Statement
04 Hell & Consequences
05 Orchids
06 Made Of Scars
07 A Rumor Of Skin
08 Reborn
09 RU486
10 Say You'll Haunt Me
11 Digital (Did You Tell)
12 Get Inside
13 Nutshell (Alice In Chains Cover)
14 Bother
15 Through Glass
16 Blotter
17 30/30-150


Source: Church Audio CA-11 cardioids (mounted on cap) > iRiver H340 (rockbox)
Location: Left Side, Row 3, mics mounted on cap and cap hung over seat
Transfer:  iRiver H340 > PC > Audition 3.0 (levels, volume boost +25 dB on left, +23 dB on right, fade in/out) > CD Wave (splitting) > dBpoweramp (FLAC Highend Level 8)
Taper:  sckofelng

Show Notes:
-y second time seeing Stone Sour. Absolutely great show, even more impressive because Corey had a cold.

Recording Notes:
This recording turned out very great in my opinion. I'd like to dedicate this and the Papa Roach recording to William, Jonas, Martin, Ben, Joe and Thomas, you guys know why

Download: 523 MB


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