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Joe Bonamassa - Live At Warner Theater, Washington, DC 11-24-2012

Live At Warner Theater, Washington, DC 11-24-2012


01 Intro - Highway To Hell (Bluegrass Version)


02 Palm Trees Helicopter & Gasoline
03 Seagull
04 Dislocated Boy
05 Driving Towards The Daylight
06 Woke Up Dreaming


07 Slow Train
08 Dust Bowl
09 Who's Been Talking
10 Midnight Blues
11 Joe Talking
12 The Ballad Of John Henry
13 Wee Wee Hours
14 Look Over Yonder Wall
15 Blues Deluxe
16 Young Man Blues
17 Django - Mountain Time
18 Crowd & Joe Talking
19 Sloe Gin
20 Just Got Paid


Iphone > FiRe > exact audio copy > trader's little helper > flac

This was recorded on my iphone using an app for recording FiRe (field recorder) from the 12th row on the right hand side.  The app worked very well, but unfortunately the mic input could not be reduced any further.  When Joe gets very loud the recording suffered, otherwise I was pleasantly surprised by the results

Download: 454,2 MB

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