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Motorhead - Live At Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia 12-10-2012

Live At Hala Tivoli, Ljubljana, Slovenia 12-10-2012


01 I Know How To Die
02 Damage Case
03 Stay Clean
04 Metropolis
05 Over The Top
06 Guitar Solo
07 The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
08 Rock It
09 You Better Run
10 The One To Sing The Blues
11 Going To Brazil
12 Killed By Death
13 Ace Of Spades
14 Encore Break
15 Are You Ready
16 Overkill

By Profesor Z


Excellent audience recording
(Olympus LS-10)

Line up as usual in the last decade or two (Lemmy, Phil, Mikkey).
The one before last show of the The World Is Yours 2012 tour.
After hearing this show I agree with some very positive fan reviews
of this tour that I read online. This is my 3rd Motörhead show and
definitely the best. The sound is unusually clear and you can hear guitar riffs
(and other instruments) very clear. Also, the sound was not too loud, which
was also unusual for the recent Motörhead and it was a nice reminder of
Fast Eddie era. Personally, I think Motörhead sounds much better when
it's not too loud, because when it's too loud it's just a wall of noise
and you can't hear any instrument clearly, and you can't understand any word
Lemmy sings.

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