lunes, 17 de diciembre de 2012

Reignwolf - Live At The Basement, Columbus, OH 12-08-2012

Live At The Basement, Columbus, OH 12-08-2012


01 Electric Love
02 Old Man
03 Lonely Sunday
04 In The Dark
05 Mandolin Song
06 The Chain
07 Unknown Song
08 Seven Deadly Sins
09 This Is The Time
10 Encore Break
11 Palms To The Sky
12 Bicycle
13 Neighbors


Equipment Used: Zoom H2n, MCSM-4 mics, custom 9V battery box
Taper: bumina
Lineage: MCSM-4 > battery box > Zoom H2n @96/24 > SD Card > Soundforge 10 (normalized, converted to 16/44) > CD Wave > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC 8

Take Jack White and crank him to an 11 and you have Jordan Cook aka Reignwolf. While Jack White and The Black Keys take heavy blues rock and make it poppy and commercialized, Reignwolf brings the soul to blues rock and in a way that would make Ted Nugent jealous. Three guys, one tiny stage, and eleven amps cranked to brain melt - it was an amazing show played in front of a crowd of about 50. Unfortunately there are some points where the music overloaded my mics (a first) and some clipping occurs, but it's brief and only in a couple of songs. For the most part this recording came out loud and clear. Check out Reignwolf on YouTube and look for his EP coming out 2013.

Download: 316,2 MB

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