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Band Of Horses - Live At Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada 12-05-2012

Live At Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada 12-05-2012

Photos by: John Papamarko, AUX TV


01 Intro
02 On My Way Back Home
03 Factory
04 Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
05 Dumpster World
06 Compliments
07 Powderfinger (Neil Young)
08 Long Vows
09 Electric Music
10 The Great Salt Lake
11 Islands On The Coast
12 NW Apt
13 Laredo
14 Heartbreak On The 101
15 Everything's Gonna Be Undone
16 Weed Party
17 There Is A Ghost
18 Ode To LRC
19 The Funeral
20 Encore Break
21 Evening Kitchen
22 No One's Gonna Love You
23 The General Specific


Source: SP-CMC-2 > SP-SPSB-8 > Tascam DR-03 (24/48) > USB > Cool Edit Pro (dEdit) > CD Wave (tracking) > Trader's Little Helper > Flac

dEdits - clap removal, amplify channels (L +6.58db, R +3.86db), fade in and out, dither to 16/44.1
Encoding to flac level 8, and checksums generated and verified in Trader's Little Helper

Notes : a couple of claps, and the odd whoo here and there, very happy with how the recording came out. Taped from the 5th row, not the ideal taping location, but I wasn't about to throw back 5th row tickets in such a great venue.

Download: 564 MB

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