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Blue Oyster Cult - Live At Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK 11-21-1975

Live At Free Trade Hall, Manchester, UK 11-21-1975


00 Setting up
01 Stairway To The Stars
02 OD'd On Life Itself
03 Harvester Of Eyes
04 Flaming Telepaths
05 (Then Came) The Last Days Of MAy
06 Before The Kiss (A Redcap)
07 Cities On Flame
08 Maserati GT
09 Buck's Boogie
10 ME 262
11 Hot Rails To Hell


Lineage: Unknown machine> DIN to DIN copy (M1)> Playback on SONY TC-K61S [2012] (Azimuth adjusted)> Audacity> CEP2 (track splitting, balancing, slight clean-up and EQ> TLH (level 6)

Previously Uncirculated Audience First Generation

Solid Mono recording. Sounds better than I remember but is strictly B grade audio: it's distant (we were in the Balcony) and the recorder was under a seat.

One of our earlier attempts at recording concerts, if you listen carefully you can hear Phil and Ted talking about Black Sabbath before Flaming Telepaths. We eventually taught them not to blither on during gigs... someone even tries to sell them acid later on...

No Born To Be Wild, either.  I can't remember if that's because we ran out of tape or they didn't play it... oh well.

I loved (and still love) early BOC, anything up to Spectres really.  The later stuff was a bit treading water and didn't catch me the same way as the early years. Bought the records, wasn't excited, didn't see the shows

Download: 300,1 MB

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