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Electric Six - Live In Academy, Dublin, IRL 12-01-2012

Live In Academy, Dublin, IRL 12-01-2012

Photos: Michelle Geraghty


01 Intro
02 Crazy Horses
03 It Ain't Punk Rock
04 Gridlock Fire
05 Dance Commander
06 Electric Demons In Love
07 Naked Picture (Of Your Mother)
08 Danger! High Voltage
09 She's White
10 I Invented The Night
11 Improper Dancing
12 Gay Bar
13 Nuclear War (On The Dance Floor)
14 Getting Into The Jam
15 Vengeance And Fashion
16 I'm The Bomb
17 Synthesizer
18 Down At McDonnelzzz
19 Dance Epidemic
20 I Buy The Drugs
21 Encore Break
22 Clusterfuck
23 Dick Talks - Jam
24 Germans In Mexico

Taped & Transferred By Kagee1


CA14s(cards)>CA9200>Edirol R09HR>Adobe Audtion>cdwave>tlh(flac 8)>you
FOB/DFC - about 10 metres from the stage

Another excellent show from Electric Six. Missed them last
year as I was bringing my son to see Kasabian on the same night

This show features a full performance of their debut album Fire
with some extra tunes thrown in for good measure.

Taped from my usual spot in the Academy this one turned out pretty good.
A few chatty Cathys around me but nothing too distracting.

Suggest disc split after Gay Bay for the old fashioned amongst us.

Enjoy the show!

Download: 505,7 MB

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