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Jeff Beck & White Stripes - Live At Royal Festival Hall, London, UK 09-13-2002

Live At Royal Festival Hall, London, UK 09-13-2002


01 Still I'm sad
02 Stroll On
03 I Ain't Done Wrong
04 Heartful Of Soul
05 Mr You're A Better Man Than I
06 Lost Woman
07 Evil Hearted You
08 Ain't Got You


Jeff Beck - Guitar
Jack White - Vocals, Guitar
Meg White - Drums
Jack Lawrence -    Bass

Part of Jeff Beck's career retrospective,
this section featuring the White Stripes
joining for some Yardbirds covers.

This is audience shot from stage right I guess from one of the boxes.
The picture is perfectly watchable if a little wobbly at times,
the sound isn't fantastic, but as a record of a very special one off
performance it's fine. I have no information about the lineage of this
 recording as I recieved it in a trade, I don't even know if it's
in NTSC or PAL (can anyone tell me how to do this?).

There are no menus but I worked out the track names and times
so if someone wants to re-author this they've got a starting point!


Part 1: 500 MB

Part 2: 500 MB

Part 3: 4,73 MB

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