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Herman Dune - Live At El Lokal, Zürich, Switzerland 04-13-2009

Live At El Lokal, Zürich, Switzerland 04-13-2009


01 Lay Your Head On My Chest
02 When The Sun Rose Up This Morning
03 My Home Is Nowhere Without You
04 Walk Don`t Run
05 Your Name, My Game
06 In The Long Long Run
07 Try To Think About Me (Don`t You Worry A Bit)
08 Good For No One
09 I Wish That I Could see You Soon (For Anna)
10 Lovers Are Waterproof
11 Someone Knows Better Than Me
12 Show Me The Roof
13 When We Were Still Friends
14 Next Year In Zion
15 1-2-3 Apple Tree
16 Not On Top
17 Ah Hears Strange Moosic
18 On A Saturday
19 Baby Baby You`re My Baby
20 Strange Victory
21 My Baby Is Afraid Of Sharks


David Yaya Herman Dune: Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals
Neman Herman Dune: Drums, Percussion, Vovals
Ben Pleng: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Taping & Mastering: Uli
Pics & Artwork: Niko Springstein

Live in mp3, 53,6 MB
Compressed .Rar
Vbr 128 kbps


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