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Walking Papers - Live At Flèche D'Or, Paris, France 05-03-2013

Live At Flèche D'Or, Paris, France 05-03-2013


00 Intro
01 Already Dead
02 The Whole World's Watching
03 Your Secret's Safe With Me
04 Red Envelopes
05 Leave Me In The Dark
06 Capital T
07 The Butcher
08 Two Tickets And A Room
09 I'll Stick Around
10 Afro Beat
11 Pho Town
12 A Place Like This
13 Independence Day
14 King Hooker
15 This Town
16 Red And White


Jeff Angel - Vocal, Guitar
Duff McKagan - Bass
Benjamin Anderson - Keyboards, Vocals
Barrett Martin - Drums, Vocals


SOURCE : AUD, recorded from the middle, slightly to the left with Zoom H1, auto level and Lo cut on, in wav 44/16, edited and converted to FLAC with CD Wave

Download: 340,1 MB!lIlnCSLQ!MFe1gmXe_LV5R4Hz7eo6Uzpsvelp2xudPtjJ5Yalxf4

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