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Alice In Chains - Live At BJCC Concert Hall, Birmingham, AL 04-30-2013

Live At BJCC Concert Hall, Birmingham, AL 04-30-2013


00 Them Bones
01 Dam That River
02 Rain When I Die
03 Again
04 Check My Brain
05 It Ain't Like That
06 Your Decision
07 Got Me Wrong
08 Hollow
09 Last Of My Kind
10 Down In A Hole
11 Nutshell
12 Heaven Beside You
13 Stone
14 We Die Young
15 Would?
16 Man In The Box
17 No Excuses
18 Rooster


Source: Tascam DR-2D w/ internal mics
transfer: SD Card > PC > CoolEdit > CDWave > TLH > FLAC
Taper: Ballsdeep

Notes from taper:  not much to say there late, so I DO have an Edirol source with about 30 muffled seconds of "Them Bones" hear the recorder hit the ground (!!!) as I bumped it off the edge of my chair during Rain When I Die while setting up my VIDEO camera (yes, video exists, though the first 20m are kind of rough as I set up with security peering over my shoulder, but the link here has UNEDITED screenshots {I'm on the road until the 19th, so be glad you even have these pix}:

there is also FULL MEMPHIS TRIPOD shot video and audio to go with it as well, the "make up" gig from 2010, only 65m, probably due to it being so damn COLD outside)

more later in the comments, I'm trying to do this band justice and generate a bit of hype...I SWEAR that Jerry lookt {sic} @ me in B'ham, and Sean threw his drumstick RIGHT at me as well, but the camera wasn't still running....a great band, great time, and pretty decent recording...not sure which of the FOUR Memphis sources I'll get out there, but gonna visit geordy here day after tomorrow, so who knows WHAT treasures will find their way into his kind hands

Download: 558,1 MB!gElTSBSC!MNqRIB-5SYZifZLC5m0jHXqz1P4BsBIVM7Aiw56N72g

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