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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Live At Kool Haus, Toronto, Ontario 05-09-2013

Live At Kool Haus, Toronto, Ontario 05-09-2013


01 Let The Day Begin
02 Rival
03 Red Eyes And Tears
04 Hate The Taste
05 Beat The Devil's Tattoo
06 Whatever Happened To My Rock And Roll
07 Ain't No Easy Way
08 Berlin
09 Returning
10 Love Burns
11 Mercy (Robert Solo Acoustic)
12 Devil's Waiting (Peter Solo Acoustic)
13 Fire Walker
14 Windows
15 Conscience Killer
16 Stop
17 Lullaby
18 White Palms
19 Six Barrel Shotgun
20 Spread Your Love
21 Encore Break
22 Sell It
23 Lose Yourself


SP-CMC-2>SP-SPSB-8>Tascam DR-03 (24/48)>Cool Edit Pro (clap removal, dEdit, amplify L+0.74, R+0.31, Fade in / out, resample to 16/44.1)>cdwave (tracking)>tlh>flac 8

Great show, 1st time seeing BRMC and definately see them next time around.
recorded directly behind the soundboard, very happy with the way the recording came out, the only bad part for me is during the lower volume acoustic songs the mics pick up the constant chatting go on in the building. The sound engineer cranked up the volume after Fire Walker. I tracked the recording for a disc split to be between 13 and 14 if burning to cd. (disc 1 - 62.41, disc 2 58.16, total 120 min 57 sec)

Please keep all the original files together when sharing with others

Download: 676,4 MB!4FkSEQ6J!fg3Q20Yje9WN5fw0ugpgDzpXzVFJOUgd5FuvuaDJOso

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