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Black Sabbath - Live At Ozzfest, Chiba, Japan 05-12-2013

Live At Ozzfest, Chiba, Japan 05-12-2013


Disc 1:

01 Intro
02 War Pigs
03 Into The Void
04 Under The Sun
05 Snowblind
06 Black Sabbath
07 Behind The Wall Of Sleep
08 N.I.B.

Disc 2:

09 Fairies Wear Boots
10 Symptom Of The Universe - Drum Solo
11 Iron Man
12 God Is Dead?
13 Children Of The Grave
14 Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Intro - Paranoid


Source: sp-cmc-2> sp-spsb-1(69KHz)> Olympus LS-11(48/24)@next to PA board, about 30m from stage.
Lineage: SD card> PC (48/24)> Remaster> 44.1/16 .wav> Track Split (CDWave)> FLAC (level 8)

Remaster Note:

Applied EQ for reduce very low range sound and lift up high range.


The first time ever, Ozzy Black Sabbath in Japan. The festival setlist is rather short
but condensed greatest-hits with new one. Excellent.

After the beautiful Tool performance, I walked back to the PA section and saw
Black Sabbath at about the middle of the large venue. Stage was far away but
the sound balance was better than Tool (maybe depends on the taping position).

Unfortunately, there was a loud clapper behind me and there's loud hand clap
here and there. Except for that, the sound quality is pretty good.

Jun'ya aka the_sphere

Download: 541,7 MB!pMc32baR!bAy6kChR4F_gh4ytJl9-CR0maIkbaNHK1ajXsgh9Ww0

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