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Beth Hart - Live At The Blockley, Philadelphia, PA 05-11-2013

 Live At The Blockley, Philadelphia, PA 05-11-2013


01 Intro
02 Sick
03 For My Friend
04 I'll Take Care of You
05 Chocolate Jesus
06 Good As It Gets
07 Spirit of God
08 With You Everyday
09 Skin
10 Bang Bang Boom Boom
11 Waterfalls
12 Somethings Got A Hold On Me
13 Caught Out In The Rain
14 Better Man
15 Swing My Thing Back Around
16 Leave The Light On
17 Encore Break
18 Sinners Prayer
19 Ugliest House On The Block
20 I'd Rather Go Blind

Recorded And Transferred By Toddjun


Source: Iphone > Tascam IM2 microphone > FiRe2 > Audacity > Exact Audio Copy > Trader's Little Helper

Recorded from front center right section inches from Beth's Keyboard

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Download: 666,7 MB


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