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White Hills - Live At Broadcast, Glasgow, Scotland 04-07-2013

Live At Broadcast, Glasgow, Scotland 04-07-2013


01 Airwaves
02 Under Skin Or By Name
03 Robot Stomp
04 Oceans Of Sound
05 Condition Of Nothing
06 Radiate
07 Song Of Everything
08 You Dream You See
09 Eye To Eye
10 Eternity
11 I Wrote A Thousand Letters (Pulp On Bone)
12 Encore Break
13 Love, Serve, Remember

Taped And transferred By Jamroom - JAM266


Dave W - Guitar, Vocals
Ego Sensation - Bass, Vocals
Nick Name - Drums


Audience recording 24bit
Recording info: Church Audio CA11v2 Cardioids -> CA9100 Pre-amp -> Roland R05
Transfer info: Audition (fades->hard limiting->+8db->24/48) -> CDWave (track splitting) -> TLH (flac level 8)

Gig Notes:

The band were on their European tour with Gambit and The Cosmic Dead in support.

Dave, Ego, and Nick provided another excellent night of their great music and put on a great show. Nick in the back, pounding away on his kit, Ego swaying around laying down the rhythym, and Dave prowling the stage, pulling riffs and leads from his box of tricks. I also love how these guys are not afraid to mix up the setlists.

At the end, Dave gave props to someone in the crowd (Russell) who would appear to have been instrumental to their continuing presence in the city. Good stuff, big man. Plus they love Glasgow anyway!

Always good to pick up some merch from the guys (n'gal!), as they always have a nice selection.

Recording notes and sound quality:

Broadcast is a small basement venue where 100 people would constitute a sardine can. A fair bit less than that present tonight and a first time visit to the venue for me.

The PA is pair of a treble/mid speakers on stands, with the bass units on the floor. Most of what you hear on this recording came directly from the on-stage amplification and drum kit. Recorded towards the RH side of the stage. I hard limited some of the cymbal peaks in order to safely boost the volume by +8db, but no eq.

Some crowd noise is apparent, though much of this is encouragement to the band. The vocals are a bit recessed because of my position, but the vocals were actually a bit low on the PA anyway.

Many thanks to whythefly for the setlist, as I would have been struggling without his help.

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Download: 871,9 MB


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