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The Black Keys - Live At Key Arena, Seattle, WA 05-08-2012

Live At Key Arena, Seattle, WA 05-08-2012

Photo By Karl Walter/Getty Images


01 Howlin' For You
02 Next Girl
03 Run Right Back
04 Same Old Thing
05 Dead And Gone
06 Gold On The Ceiling
07 Thickfreakness
08 Girl Is On My Mind
09 I'll Be Your Man
10 Your Touch
11 Little Black Submarines
12 Money Maker
13 Strange Times
14 Nova Baby
15 Ten Cent Pistol
16 Tighten Up
17 Lonely Boy
18 Everlasting Light
19 She's Long Gone
20 I Got Mine

Taper: Ballsdeep


source: Sonic Studios DSM-6P > 3 way lo cut, position unknown (that sticker peeled off YEARS zgo) > Edirol R09
transfer: SD Card > PC > CDWave > TLH > FLAC


Just one heck of a show, and recording, considering the distance from the stage...minimal crowd noise, there is ALSO a video (tripod shot) that could possibly be uploaded, depending on interest in this. never thought such a good sound could be pulled from so far away, so props to the soundman!!! and to geordy as well! not sure who the entire band was, as I remember 4 for sure, and possibly 5 musicians onstage

Download: 398,7 MB


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