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Monster Magnet - Live At The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA 12-16-2012

Live At The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA 12-16-2012


01 Pill Shovel
02 Medicine
03 Nod Scene
04 Black Mastermind
05 Zodiac Lung
06 Spine of God
07 Snake Dance
08 Sin's a Good Man's Brother
09 Ozium
10 Lord 13
11 Murder
12 Longhair
13 Tractor
14 Freak Shop USA


Dave Wyndorf - Vocals, Guitar
Garret Sweeny - Guitar
Phil Caivano - Guitar
Jim Baglino - Bass
Bob Pantella - Drums


Audience Master [mono]
Recorded in the Balcony (right side)
By Michael "Lestatkatt"

Recorded with an iPhone 4 using the internal microphone>Wav>
SoundForge 10(Tracking)>Wav>Flac
16 bit, 44.1 KHz

I wasn't intending on recording, but decided to give it a shot at the last minute
for the hell of it. I lowered the microphone input volume as far down as possible, and the
wav file didn't appear clipped during the recording, but it 'sounds like the it's slightly
distorted. I'm not sure if it's my recording, or the way it came out of the PA
It was very loud, but one hell of a great show, as always from Monster Magnet!

I rolled off the bass and raised up the highs a litle, which drastically improved the recording.
this will have to do until a alternate source becomes available

Download: 331,3 MB


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