jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Fu Manchu - Live At Detriot Bar, Costa Mesa, CA 05-19-2005

Live At Detriot Bar, Costa Mesa, CA 05-19-2005


01 California Crossing
02 Eatin' Dust
03 Written In Stone
04 Boogie Van
05 Regal Beagle
06 King Of The Road
07 Hung Out To Dry
08 Saturn Three
09 Time To Fly
10 Adolescent's Cover Song (With Tony Adolescent)
11 We Must Obey
12 Squash That Fly
13 Mongoose
14 Flyin' Over My Head
15 Evil Eye

By Twreck

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  1. Can you please upload it again? I've been looking for this one for a while.

    BTW the Adolescents songs is caleed "Things Start Moving"

  2. please remove this.

    fu manchu