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Corrosion Of Conformity - Live At Virginia Beach, VA 09-23-1994

Live At Virginia Beach, VA 09-23-1994


01 Heavens Not Overflowing
02 Buried
03 My Grain
04 Albatross
05 Mine Are The Eyes of God
06 Clean My Wounds
07 Painted Smiling Face
08 Echoes In The Well
09 Jam
11 Broken Man
12 Senor Limpio
13 Dance of the Dead (With Hand Of Doom Jam)
14 Vote With A Bullet


Lineage:1st gen cassette>playback on Sony TC-W305 deck>TDK DA-3826 standalone burner>CDR>EAC>Flac frontend>Trader's Little Helper

Download: 433,8 MB


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