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LA Guns - Live At Marquee 15, Corona, CA 12-22-2012

Live At Marquee 15, Corona, CA 12-22-2012


01 Intro - Sex Action
02 Never Enough
03 Over The Edge
04 I Wanna Be Your Man
05 You Better Not Love
06 Sweet Mystery
07 Revolution
08 Kiss My Love
09 Sleazy Come
10 Drum-Guitar Solo
11 Electric Gypsy
12 Jane
13 Rip And Tear
14 No Mercey


Phil Lewis - Lead Vocals - Guitar
Frank Wilsey - Lead Guitar
Scotty Griffin - Bass
Steve Riley - Drums


Excellent Audience recording:
lineage:Tascam Dr-05>Sony Vaio PC>SoundForge>Flac 8

First time ever recording a show.  I feel it turned out very nice.  Recorded about 15 feet from the stage, very even sounding
This was the first show with new guitar player Frankie Wilsey

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Download: 418,3 MB


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