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Lou Reed - Live At Sporthalle, Koln, GER 04-04-1977

Live At Sporthalle, Koln, GER 04-04-1977


01 How Do you Think It Feels (cuts in)
02 Lady Day (cut)
03 Kill Your Sons
04 Audience
05 Satellite Of Love
06 Walk On The Wild Side
07 Kicks (cut)
08 White Light/White Heat (tape distortion at the end)
09 White Light/White Heat (cont.tape distortion at the beginning)
10 Rock & Roll
11 Vidious (fade out)

master tape > CDR-Recorder standalone > wav > TLH > flac
including pictures of the original tape, the handwritten cassette-shell, and a review of the performance in german from the Ostrich-Magazine.

I've got the original tape from the owner of the "Ostrich Magazine". It was founded im March 1977 in Düsseldorf. The curiosity of this tape is, that the whole show of the Köln performance lasted over 3 hours. The tape had only a capactiy of 90min.So when one side of the tape was recorded he turned the tape and than he turned it again and again. Lou played an over 30min version of Sister Ray which wasn't taped and so maybe these recordings are the only in existence of this performance. The sound quality is for completists and die-hard only.
If anybody has a better recording or maybe the whole performance, please seed if it's possible.

You get the music in it's original form (no correction at all). You can do your own experimentations with the recordings.

Download: 586,5 MB


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