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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Live At Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC 10-05-2013

Live At Cat's Cradle, Carrboro, NC 10-05-2013


01. Hate the Taste
02. Beat the Devil's Tattoo
03. Let the Day Begin
04. Rival
05. Ain't No Easy Way
06. Berlin
07. American X
08. Screaming Gun
09. Conscience Killer
10. Sympathetic Noose
11. Complicated Situation
12. Fire Walker
13. Lullaby
14. Shade of Blue
15. Six Barrel Shotgun
16. Spread Your Love
17. Shuffle Your Feet
18. Whatever Happened to My Rock 'N Roll (Punk Song)
19. Sell It

Lineage: Sony ECM DS70P > Tascam DR-2d > GoldWave > CDWave >FLAC(3)
Location: Front row, left stack
Taper: VH Drummer
Grade: A

I recently moved down to Raleigh for my first job out of college, so most of my reocrdings will be from this area for a while.
Due to my own error, I missed taping BRMC in Detroit in May. I was determined to get a good capture this time. Having never
been to Cat's Cradle, I was surprised at how small it was and how awesome the sound was. I was able to get right up front; it
was the closest I had ever been to a show. It was awesome to see Robert tower over me with those big bass lines. This was an
excellent show, and I can't wait to see them again back home in Detroit or back here in NC. Please do not distribute in lossy
formats such as .mp3 or .wma--preserve the highest quality and do not sell.

Download: 672,5 MB!5FYUkRyb!C6E9OB9TXGYfaaiq2ne-sXsV9xZcayCma6mBZuGeffM

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