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Godspeed You Black Emperor - Live At The Enmore Theatre, Enmore, Sydney, Australia 02-14-2013

Live At The Enmore Theatre, Enmore, Sydney, Australia 02-14-2013


01 Hope Drone
02 Mladic
03 Moya
04 Monheim
05 Chart #3
06 World Police And Friendly Fire
07 Behemoth

By Philandjenny Recordings No.13


David Bryant - Guitar, Tapes
Efrim Menuck - Guitar, Tape Loops, Keyboards
Mike Moya - Guitar
Sophie Trudeau - Violin
Thierry Amar - Contrebasse, Bass
Mauro Pezzente - Bass
Aidan Girt - Drums, Percussion
Tim Herzog - Drums, Percussion
Karl Lemieux - Film Projection



The Enmore is a great venue, one of Sydneys
best without doubt,nice art deco furnishings
inside and great sight lines wherever you are
I love coming to shows here, rarely been to a
bad one. That being said, this was the first
gig I've taped here and I think it's come out
pretty fine.
I split Hope Drone from Mladic. The drone
started very quietly as you can hear.
The audience were chattering away and the
ouse lights were still up initially. Thanks
to my fellow Dime tapers I knew that this was
actually the start of the show.
What a fine show it was as well. Very loud
natch. The band were in semi-darkness,in a
semi-circle on stage, mostly sitting.
Apart from a couple of handwaves at the end
there was no communication. No light show to
speak of,films running on the back screen.
Behemoth was the last track, house lights
came up pretty well immediately after the
band left the stage one by one.
Great audience, very little chatter where I
was and the place seemed pretty sold out.
Some distortion at the start of track 1 which
was how it sounded from the PA and occasional
disturbances as a few people squeezed past
my seat.

Download: 506,5 MB


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