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Mastodon - Live At Corporation, Sheffield, England 06-05-2009

Live At Corporation, Sheffield, England 06-05-2009


01 Oblivion
02 Divinations
03 Quintessence
04 The Czar
05 Ghost Of Karelia
06 Crack The Skye
07 The Last Baron 
08 intermission music
09 Bladecatcher
10 Colony Of Birchmen
11 The Wolf Is Loose
12 Crystal Skull
13 Capillarian Crest
14 Megalodon
15 Seabeast
16 Iron Tusk
17 March Of The Fire Ants


Recording: Audience
Lineage: SP-CMC-22 > Sony MZ-R55 > Cooledit Pro > .wav > .flac
Quality: A-

Another Re-Seeded master as requested by qba51s, the sound is decent,
although the vocals are a bit quiet, and there is a disc change after The
Last Baron. I am re-uploading some of my masters, and any requests are
welcome, my  full list is at, and I will post a list
of just my masters in the comments

Download: 560,7 MB

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