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Mustasch - Live In MS Treue, Bremen, Germany, 11-18-2012

Live In MS Treue, Bremen, Germany, 11-18-2012


Cd 1:

01 I Don't Hate You
02 Down In Black
03 Destroyed By Destruction
04 It´s Never Too Late
05 Mine
06 Accident Blackspot
07 Deep In The Woods
08 Tritonus - Heresy Blasphemy
09 Falling Down
10 Bring Me Everyone

Cd 2:

01 6:36
02 Speed Metal
03 Double Nature
04 Black City
05 I Hunt Alone
06 Outro
07 Encore Break And Jejo Drumming
08 Parasite

A TriggerJane Audience Recording Master


Ralf Gyllenhammar - Vocals & Guitar
David Johannesson - Lead Guitar
Stam Johansson - Bass Guitar
Jejo Perkovic - Drums


Aiwa CM-DS5 -> Zoom H4n -> SD-card -> HD -> Audacity (Fade In / Fade Out / volume amplified a wee bit / Track Marks) -> TLH (flac 8) -> To Your Ears

Included are a Cover/Booklet and a Back-Inlay for a CD-Jewel-Case.
All the photos used for Booklet and Back-Inlay were taken by myself during this concert

"MS Treue" is a very special, unusual location. It is a ship on the river "Weser" in Bremen (Germany).
The body of the ship is made of cement. In the below-deck there is a small stage and a bar.

Recorded in front of the stage, second row middle.
Very good sound quality, some loud cheers to the band by the audience.

And between the songs always amusing chatter by Ralf Gyllenhammar to the crowd.
To German ears it sounds very funny and enjoyable when Ralf,
who learnt the German language in Sweden at school,
tries to make the announcements in German.
Herrlich! Muss man mal gehört haben.

Download: 512,9 MB


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