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The Donnas - Live At Underground, Cologne, Germany 11-24-2007

Live At Underground, Cologne, Germany 11-24-2007

Photos By Squealer_net


01 Bitchin
02 Don't Wait Up
03 Who Invited You
04 Wasted
05 Fall Behind Me
06 Girl Talk
07 All Messed Up
08 Like An Animal
09 You Gonna Make Me Hot
10 What Do I Have To Do
11 Round And Round
12 5 O'Clock In The Morning
13 Hot
14 Take It Off


Audience Recording

Recorded with Sony MZ-R900 Minidisc and Sony ECM 717 external microphone
recorded in 2 channel stereo MDLP 2 format
copied on PC with Terratec Aureon Sky using optical cable.
tracksplitting and level adjust with wavelab 5 at 16 bit /44,1 KHz.
Encoded to Flac with TLH level 8

Complete Show: 58 minutes

Download: 307,5 MB

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