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Pentagram - Live At Hellfest Festival, Clisson, France 06-17-2012

Live At Hellfest Festival, Clisson, France 06-17-2012

Photo by Arteliveweb


01 Intro
02 Death Row
03 All Your Sins
04 Sign Of The Wolf
05 Into The Ground
06 Review Your Choices
07 Forever My Queen
08 When The Screams Come
09 Dying World
10 Relentless
11 Nothing Left - Relentless Reprise
12 Wartime


Aiwa cm-ds6 > Zoom H1 > Goldwave >Traders Little Helper

Note : Awesome performance and setlist ! Recorded from the center, 5-10m from the stage, with lot of slamers and some crowd moves, thus a brief flaw during Dying World when I lost my glasses and the mic fell out...

Taped by:  Borispider

Download: 320,3 MB!lYcHhapB!WqtMxA_RTiKPnNbmNcgObx6NbBFUKFzNvrF-WhVWuo4

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