jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

Turbonegro - Live At Hellfest Festival, Clisson, France 06-15-2012

Live At Hellfest Festival, Clisson, France 06-15-2012

Photo by Mark Latham


01 Intro
02 All My Friends Are Dead
03 The Nihilist Army
04 You Give Me Worms
05 I Got A Knife
06 Mister Sister
07 Wasted Again
08 Fuck The World
09 Turbonegro Must Be Destroyed
10 Hello Darkness
11 Get It On
12 Back To Dungaree High
13 Encore Break
14 The Age Of Pamparius
15 Denim Demon
16 I Got Erection


Aiwa cm-ds6 > Zoom H1 > Goldwave >Traders Little Helper > Torrent

Taped by:  Borispider

Download: 314,5 MB


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  1. I was at Hellfest and Turbonegro was one of the 3 bands I wanted to see, no matter who was playing at same time or the weather or whatever!

    And their set was excellent, despite the rain, so I thank you a lot for sharing that!!!!

    Amazing blog with amazing live records!