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Alice Cooper - Live At Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN 06-09-2012

Live At Bonnaroo Festival, Manchester, TN 06-09-2012


01 Vincent Price Intro
02 The Black Widow
03 Brutal Planet
04 I'm Eighteen
05 Under My Wheels
06 Billion Dollar Babies
07 No More Mr Nice Guy
08 Hey Stoopid
09 Is It My Body
10 Halo Of Flies
11 I'll Bite Your Face Off
12 Muscle Of Love
13 Only Women Bleed
14 Cold Ethyl
15 Feed My Frankenstein
16 Caffeine
17 Poison
18 Wicked Young Man
19 I Love The Dead
20 School's Out (with Snippets Of Another Brick In The Wall)
21 Encore Break
22 Elected
23 Born This Way (Lady Gaga Cover)


soundboard > unknown

Livestream direct to HD FLV file -> Remuxed and trimmed into MP4 file using FFMPEG - No reencoding done whatsoever

It appears that this was webcast on June 10th, but the date of the actual show was June 9th.

Side note: I have these in m4v format just due to having these in my iTunes to stream to Apple TV and transfer to iPhone, but no reencoding has been done, and I imagine you should be able to easily remux it into your format of choice without much trouble

Additional note: People seem to have a lot of trouble with the sync on these webcasts on Windows Media Player, so I recommend VLC or iTunes/QT or something else for playback.

Webstream > FLV [H.264 1280x720, 3500kbps/AAC 96kbps stereo 44kHz] > M4V (MP4) Container


- Highest quality web stream directly captured, extracted and then remuxed into an MP4 container. No re-encoding. 1280x720 resolution, H.264 codec at 3.5Mbps. 96kbps 44.1khz AAC stereo audio


Part 1: 600 MB

Part 2: 600 MB

Part 3: 600 MB

Part 4: 600 MB

Part 5: 105,8 MB

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