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Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Live At Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA 09-09-2013

 Live At Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA 09-09-2013


01 Intro Drone
02 Hope Drone
03 Mladic (Aka Albanian)
04 Gathering Storm
05 Moya (Aka Gorecki)
06 Behemoth - Outro*

*Includes String Loop Manufactured During Downpour

Source: MG M300s (5 in. stand, right balcony, ~15 feet from stage left) > SD 744T > WAVEs (24/44.1)
Transfer: SD 744T (FW) > G5 Dual Mac (Peak/xACT) > FLACs (level 8)
Recording and mastering by Michael Zelner


David Bryant - electric guitar
Efrim Menuck - electric guitar
Mike Moya - electric guitar
Sophie Trudeau - violin
Thierry Amar - electric bass, contrabass
Mauro Pezzente - electric bass
Aidan Girt - drums, percussion
Tim Herzog - drums, percussion
Karl Lemieux - 16mm film loop projections


- First of two sold-out shows at GAMH (Sep 9-10, 2013)
- also appearing: Gate
- Fotos: http://flickr.com/michaelz1/sets/72157635475047762/

Download: 579,3 MB


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