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Andrew Stockdale - Live At Music Feeds Studio, NSW, Australia 06-07-2013

 Live At Music Feeds Studio, NSW, Australia 06-07-2013

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Andrew Stockdale will be joining us at Music Feeds Studio this Friday, 7th June to perform a live set of brand-new material and talk about his recent creative rebirth.

Stockdale has returned to the musical landscape having moved on from his former band, Wolfmother, to record and perform under a solo, self-titled project. Come 7th June Australia will see the release of the alt rocker's new album Keep Moving, which has been three years in the making.

Much the album features a more personal approach to songwriting from Stockdale. It is a natural and honest exposé of the artist's musings with a sound reminiscent of a Beatnik lifestyle and the endless freedom of the open road

Download: 733 MB!NAQAAYyb!AIQmzgmz7utU4NaNITW1wGPWE14lNvBsTXK49Gv0nPo

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