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Acid King - Live At Alperstedter See, Erfurt, Thueringen, Germany 07-12-2013

 Live At Alperstedter See, Erfurt, Thueringen, Germany 07-12-2013


01 Intro Fuzz - Busse Woods
02 Two Wheel Nation
04 Heavy Load
05 On To Ever After
06 Sunshine And Sorrow
08 Electric Machine

LORD DIE recording VOL. 61


Zoom H2 with internal mics (at WAV 16/44) -> SDcard -> Spaceloop USB stick (received at Krach am Bach Festival) -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC
YOUR EARS AND to be stoned (for the rest of your natural life)! (quote: CLARK/HUTCHINSON 1970!)
Recorded by dear LORD DIE from various positions, but as I know him, mostly directly front stage dead center.A few recordings may have a little distortion on it, but the quality of
his recordings have increased a lot due to a little advise by me and his hometown friends SEETHELIGHT7 and SEETHEFUZZ7. As usual, you get some real fine pictures from him as well.
Feel free to do artwork, as I'm trying to figure out each setlist, ok? All thanks straight to him, a resident of the lovely Nuernberg area...

Additional info: The left channel was unfortunately very distorted, so I decided to copy the right channel, and make this a "fake stereo". The immense overload of fuzzbass was too much
for the internal mics of the Zoom H2. Sorry to say, but better this way, than just plain white noise on one channel...hope you agree...

Opening up the gates of real FUZZ for this band! Round # 6 from the taped bands from lovley STONED FROM THE UNDERGROUND will bring you some heavy fuzzy doomer stony rock!
Veterans of the STONER/DOOM scene since 1993, this band has its origins in San Francisco, CA. Since those daze some 20 years ago, they'd gone through many changes on the bass duties,
but this lineup seems to be constant since 2005. So...a band from SF, and even a stoner band...and I have not even heard a single second from them before...Blame me for my missing
knowledge, but better be late late than never...This is a weird sounding show, and the "fuzzers" will love it. So, put on your ear protection, save your home systems bass input...
and all I can say: Worth checking out! Enjoy! SB.

I'm not really sure about the track titles, if you know better...

Support the band, go to their shows, buy all their merchandise!
Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use. No lossy blog/tracker use! Flac rules!
If you sell...the sharks at SF bay always have appetite for sellers!

ACID KING are...

LORI S. - guitar, vocals
RAFA MARTINEZ - fuzz bass

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