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Orange Goblin - Live At King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, Scotland 02-11-2013

Live At King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, Scotland 02-11-2013


01 Intro
02 Scorpionica
03 The Filth & The Few
04 Made Of Rats
05 Acid Trial
06 Saruman's Wish
07 The Fog
08 Turbo Effalunt (Elephant)
09 Some You Win, Some You Lose
10 Your World Will Hate This
11 They Come Back (Harvest Of Skulls)
12 Blue Snow
13 Quincy The Pigboy
14 Red Tide Rising

Taped And Transferred By Jamroom - JAM251


Ben Ward - Vocals
Joe Hoare - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Martyn Millard - Bass, Backing Vocals
Chris Turner - Drums


Audience recording 24bit

Recording info: Church Audio CA11v2 Cardioids -> CA9100 Pre-amp -> Roland R05

Transfer info: Audition (fades->light EQ->24/48) -> CDWave (track splitting) -> TLH (flac level 8)


The band were on the UK leg of the world tour, prior to heading off to Australia, then an extensive US / Canadian tour with Clutch. Support was from Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, The Earls Of Mars, and Bacchus Baracus. Due to equipment problems, I only managed to record Orange Goblin.

Always a treat to catch an Orange Goblin show. Their riff-laden rock is highly infectious. King Tut's was sold out, and the venue presented the band with a bottle of malt to celebrate. Nice! Obviously, being sold out, the place was rammed, despite it being a Monday night, something Ben mentioned more than once. Ben is the archetypal heavy rock / metal frontman and is always encouraging the crowd to "lose their minds", or somesuch. Joe is the riff-meister and was on form. Martyn and Chris doing an admirable job backing them up. Great bunch of guys. The band seemed to have a great night and the crowd did as well and made plenty of noise to show their appreciation.

Disappointingly short set with no encore and finished at 2305. Not sure why this was, as King Tut's used to be open much longer. However, it was great to see (hear) Made Of rats, Saruman's Wish, and Turbo Effalunt in the set again. Good to see the guys digging back into their back catalogue to keep things fresh.

Harry Armstrong from The Earls Of Mars (he sang on Big Black album in 1999) came onstage to sing along on Turbo Effalunt.

I wish the guys all the luck in the world with their tour, as they chucked the day jobs in order to give the band their full attention. It would appear that they won't have too much trouble if the sold-out UK shows are anything to go by. The US /CAN tour with Clutch is going to be a corker.

Recording notes and sound quality:

Due the packed nature of Tut's, it usually best to be near the PA (RH) to avoid talkers / excessive phasing, etc. You can hear the guy in front of me occasionally clapping or shouting, but listening back, it's not distracting. There is the occasional bit of phasing with someone moving around in front of me, but this is otherwise free from distractions.

Due to the close proximity of the PA, I ended up with more bass than is reasonable, therefore had to tame some of the mid bass to make it sound more like it should be. I also had to hard limit some individual peaks (mainly those of the guy in front) so I could boost the volume from a conservative level, but around +5db. I think this sounds a pretty decent record of the night's festivities.

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