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The Datsuns - Live At The Haunt, Brighton, UK 02-16-2013

Live At The Haunt, Brighton, UK 02-16-2013


01 Intro
02 Gods Are Bored
03 Sittin’ Pretty
04 Bullseye
05 Girl’s Best Friend
06 Axethrower
07 Yeah, Yeah, Just Another Mistake
08 Gold Halo
09 Stuck Here For Days
10 Your Bones
11 What Would I Know
12 Helping Hands
13 Harmonic Generator
14 Maximum Heartbreak
15 Who Are You Stamping Your Foot For
16 Somebody Better
17 Mother Fucker From Hell
18 Freeze Sucker
19 Outro

By Hanleyfender. XX


Linage = Sound Professionals-CMC-8 microphones mounted on Dalek hat #3 - Sound Professionsal-SPSB-10 battery box - Edirol R09 24 bit – Audacity (down to 16bit) - Wav Editor.

A mate of mine from work is a massive fan of this lot, so I took up the offer of a night out and took the mics with me so he could have a tape of the night. I was standing about 10 feet from the left stack. Here for you all to enjoy now!

Download: 479,8 MB


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