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Triggerfinger - Live In Orange Club, Kiel, Germany 02-21-2013

Live In Orange Club, Kiel, Germany 02-21-2013


Cd 1:

01 Intro
02 I´m Coming For You
03 On My Knees
04 Short Term Memory Love
05 Cherry
06 Let It Ride
07 My Baby´s Got A Gun
08 All Night Long
09 Camaro
10 All This Dancin´ Around

Cd 2:

01 Drum Solo
02 First Taste
03 Band-Introduction
04 Is It
05 Encore Break
06 Driveby
07 I Follow Rivers
08 Man Down


Ruben Block - Vocals, Guitars
Monsieur Paul (Paul van Bruystegem) - Bass
Mario Goossens - Drums


A TriggerJane audience recording master.

Aiwa CM-DS5 -> Zoom H4n -> SD-card -> HD -> Audacity (Fade In / Fade Out / volume amplified a wee bit / Track Marks) -> TLH (flac 8) -> To Your Ears

Included are a Cover/Booklet and a Back-Inlay for a CD-Jewel-Case.
All the photos used for Booklet and Back-Inlay were taken by myself during this concert.

Recorded middle of the stage first row on a balcony, 15 meters away from the stage and 3 meters above the stage.
Very good sound quality.

This concert was planned to be performed in Kiel in the "Orange Club".
But like many other TRIGGERFINGER-shows in Germany this one had to be upgraded to the far larger location "Traum GmbH".
There attended approximately 800 people, which is for Kiel very much.
I first saw and heard these guys from Belgium at the "Burg Herzberg Festival" 2010 in Germany. They blew me away, it was fantastic.
The second concert with TRIGGERFINGER which I took part in was in a small club in Hamburg (30 people, 4 Euro entrance fee).
Kiel was my 6th TRIGGERFINGER-event and meanwhile this underestimated band rightly became very popular

TriggerJane # 13

Download: 568,7 MB

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