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Black Light Burns - Live At The Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland 01-25-2013

Live At The Cathouse, Glasgow, Scotland 01-25-2013


00 Preshow
01 Stop A Bullet
02 I Want You To
03 Mesopotamia
04 4 Walls
05 Coward
06 It's Good To Be Gold
07 Cruel Melody
08 Splayed
09 The Colour Escapes
10 The Hate Of My Life
11 We Light Up
12 Lie
13 How To Look Naked
14 So Alive (Love And Rockets Cover)

Taper: Sckofelng


Source: Church Audio CA-11 cardioids (mounted on cap) > iRiver H340 (rockbox)
Location: Left side, 3 meters to left speaker, right microphone pointed to right speaker
Transfer:  iRiver H340 > PC > Audition 3.0 (fading, switch channels, volume boost +22 dB on left, +25 dB on right) > CD Wave (splitting + saving in FLAC level 8) > dBpoweramp (tagging)


-Great show by Black Light Burns, thanks to the entire band, but especially Wes Borland for everything you've done for BizkitLive!
-'We Light Up' was requested by the crowd before 'The Hate Of My Life' so the band played it after the song.

Recording notes:
-The bass drum is too loud and Nick's guitar too low, but that was the mixing at the show.
-I decided to keep 6 minutes of preshow in the recording because the band was already present on stage then and you can listen to Wes talking as well.

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Download: 404,7 MB

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