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Juliette Lewis - Live At Mavericks Bar, Ottawa, Canada 08-12-2011

Live At Mavericks Bar, Ottawa, Canada 08-12-2011


01 Hot Kiss
02 Sticky Honey
03 Rockaway
04 Purgatory Blues
05 Hard Lovin Woman
06 Uh Huh
07 Spoken Word...
08 Got Love To Kill
09 You're Speaking My Language
10 Terra Incognita
11 Fantasy Bar
12 Pray For The Band Latoya
13 Suicide Dive Bombers

By: Bootlegottawa


H2 Zoom > Audacity > Traders Little Helper

Hope I have all the edits in the right place....

Don't know much about her music, but think she's
an awesome actress.  Cool to see her in the flesh.
In Ottawa, besides touring musicians, our brushes with
fame are Politicians and Hockey Players...

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  1. thanks for posting this, i think she's pretty cool too.. any live footage? dusthammer