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Jack White - Live At La Cigale, Paris, France 04-22-2012

Live At La Cigale, Paris, France 04-22-2012


01 Intro
02 Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground (The White Stripes)
03 Sixteen Saltines
04 Missing Pieces
05 Evil (Tom Jones Cover)
06 Weep Themselves To Sleep
07 We're Going To Be Friends (The White Stripes)
08 Hypocritical Kiss
09 I Cut Like A Buffalo (The Dead Weather)
10 Intro
11 Hello Operator (The White Stripes)
12 Trash Tongue Talker
13 Top Yourself (The Raconteurs)
14 Intro
15 Ball And Biscuit (The White Stripes)
16 Intro
17 Freedom At 21
18 I'm Slowly Turning Into You (The White Stripes)
19 Two Against One (Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi Cover)
20 Jack Introduces His All-male Backing Band
21 Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)


This concert was recorded using an Edirol R-09HR (WAV 44.1 kHz/24 bits) and a pair of Audio Technica microphones. Edited through Adobe Audition 3.0

Download: 820,68 MB


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    I'm looking for this live, since i've seen it!!!