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Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Live At Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo 1-20-1997

Live At Akasaka Blitz, Tokyo 1-20-1997


01 Identify
02 Chicken Dog
03 Rocketship
04 Son Of Sam
05 Sweat
06 Bellbottoms
07 Flavor (Instrumental)
08 Full Grown
09 Flavor
10 Dynamite Lover


silver cd > WAV > MAGIX music studio generation 6 deLuxe >
WAV > FLAC 8 > rp61hawk

Here's another live recording from my JSBX silver cd collection.
It's one of two Japan dates contained on the 2xcd 'Make It Fucked Up' - cat no. TSV010/011
The bootleg cd release consists of two live Tokyo shows (Alasaka Blitz 20.1.97 + Liquid Room 22.1.97)
plus the 'In The Red' - jukebox series and some early b-sides.
I won't be sharing the latter two sections as they're official material...

The Alasaka Blitz show here is listed as a bonus on the cd but is incomplete.
It had some bad tape cuts between certain tracks which i've edited for a more seamless playback.
I made independent slipcase covers for both live recordings (one of which i've included here)
Also included is a scan of the exclusive art I made for the front of this cover,
and a scan of the sleeve from the original release...

Enjoy! rp61 2012

Download: 185,04 MB


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