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Godspeed You Black Emperor - Live At Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA 10-01-2012

Live At Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA 10-01-2012


01 Hope Drone
02 Mladic
03 Monheim
04 Behemoth
05 The Sad Mafioso

Taper: Greg Johnson


Source: Built-in Mics > Zoom H1

Lineage: WAV (24bit, 96KHz) > FLAC [Level 8]

Transfer: Zoom H1 > microSD card > USB > Audacity (track splits, adjust volume, balance channels, fades) > Trader's Little Helper (encode to FLAC)


First show of this tour and they secretly released a new album which was a wonderful surprise. The album contains studio versions
of Albanian and Gamelan retitled Mladic and We Drift Like Worried Fire respectively and two "drone" tracks. In addition they played another
new song not on the album which the band refers to as Behemoth. This was recorded from pretty far back so the quality isn't great. My Zoom H1
is being a little flaky lately and the left channel records louder than the right. I corrected this as much as I could, but there may still
be some fluctuations. Also I had the gain set a little too high during Mladic and as a result the left channel has some clipping while the
right does not. There is another source listed on etree though the taper seems to only do trades on CDR. I believe the band's sound tech was
also taping the show.


Part 1: 650 MB

Part 2: 650 MB

Part 3: 610,2 MB

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