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Black Sabbath - Live At Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN 11-19-1978

Live At Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, TN 11-19-1978


101 Intro
102 Symptom Of The Universe
103 Snowblind
104 War Pigs
105 Never Say Die
106 Fairies Wear Boots
107 Black Sabbath
108 Shock Waves
201 Dirty Women
202 Rock & Roll Doctor.
203 Drum Solo
204 Jam 1
205 Orchid
206 Jam 2
207 Electric Funeral
208 Iron Man
209 Children Of The Grave
210 Intermission
211 Paranoid


Audience recording
Krell Wars Remaster (from master tape)

Running time:
95:03 min

Pesolord16 recently uploaded a version of this remaster that I had sent him. In that version, the track 210 "Intermission" was incomplete - I had had to cut it because it was corrupted. When Gutlit saw Pesolord16's upload, he informed me he had the complete intermission without errors. He sent me his intermission file, and it works indeed. Furthermore, only then I had the idea to also check for sector boundary errors and was informed by Trader's Little Helper that all tracks had SBEs. Trader's Little Helper corrected them, so what you are getting here now is the Krell Wars Remaster with the complete intermission and without errors. Sorry to Pesolord16, and to all of you, for the inconvenience!

Download: 543,3 MB


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