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The Dead Weather - Live In The Cisco BluesFest, Ottawa 07-19-2009

Live In The Cisco BluesFest, Ottawa 07-19-2009


01 Intro
02 60 ft Tall
03 Bone House
04 Hang You From The Heavens
05 So Far From Your Weapon
06 You Can't Win (Van Morrison)
07 I Cut Like A Buffalo
08 They Like To Watch Fire
09 Rocking Horse
10 No Hassle Night
11 Will There Be Enough Water?
12 Audience-Encore
13 Forever My Queen
14 Treat Me Like Your Mother
15 New Pony (Bob Dylan)


Allison Mosshart - lead vocals, guitar, tamborine, cigarettes and attitude
Dean Fertita - lead guitar, keys, backing vox
Jack Lawrence - lead bass, ocular fashion, backing vox, drums
Jack White - rock god

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