martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

PJ Harvey - iTunes Originals 2004

iTunes Originals 2004


01 Dress - First Got People Interested In Me  02 Dress       
03 An Old Fashioned Fairy Tale        
04 Fountain (iTunes Originals Version)        
05 Dark Things Happening   
06 Down By The Water   
07 The Perfect Band For A Perfect Day    
08 A Perfect Day Elise (iTunes Originals Version)   
09 Why The Stories Album Was So Successful   
10 Good Fortune (iTunes Originals Version)   
11 Collaborating With Thom Yorke        
12 The Mess We're In       
13 Ugly Is A Good Start  
14 The Life And Death Of Mr. Badmouth (iTunes Originals Version)   
15 Living In Fear Of Comfort   
16 The Letter       
17 Two Ferrets In A Bag Trying To Get Out   
18 Uh Huh Her (iTunes Originals Version)   
19 There's Beauty In Darker Days   
20 The Darker Days Of Me And Him (iTunes Originals Version)

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