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Alter Bridge - Live At Mean Fiddler, London 12-03-2004

Live At Mean Fiddler, London 12-03-2004


01  One Day Remains
02  Watch Your Words
03  Broken Wings
04  Find The Real
05  Burn It Down
06  Metalingus
07  London Bridge The End Is Here
08  Shed My Skin
09  Myles-Mark guitar Down To My Last
10 Cover Requests - (all short teases)
   -Rock And Roll All Night and Party Everyday [Kiss
   -Stairway To Heaven (reggae style) [Led Zepplin]
   -For Those About To Rock (We Solute You) [AC/DC]
11 Rock And Roll [Led Zepplin]


12 In Loving Memory (Acoustic)
13 Sweet Child Of Mine (Request - short tease) [Guns 'N Roses]
14 Highway Star [Deep Purple]
15 Open Your Eyes

Special thanks to Jammy123!

Concierto de video, Avi
Comprimido en .Rar, 2 parts


Part 1: 500 MB


Part 2: 389 MB


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