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Lou Reed - Live At Bottom Line, NY 12-26-1979

 Live At Bottom Line, NY 12-26-1979


01 - Sweet Jane
02 - Love is here to Stay
03 - How Do You Speak to an Angel
04 - Perfect Day
05 - Men of Good Fortune
06 - Caroline Says II
07 - The Kids
08 - The Bed
09 - Sad Song
10 - White Christmas
11 - Rock'n'Roll
12 - Star Spangled Banner - America
13 - Vicious
14 - Street Hassle
15 - Heroin
16 - Walk on the Wild Side

Total Time: 80:35

Taken from 'Cooking for the Down Five'.

("A very happy Lou on fine form. After "Love Is Here To Stay", he announces his engagement to Sylvia.
Note also Lou's new-found patriotism, with "Star Spangled Banner" and the only known live perfomance
of "America". Remember that at this time, Americans were being held hostages in Iran" - GORDON LYON)
Lou plays live two songs from the forthcoming album "Growing Up In Public" for the first time.

Note that this is not the only known live performace of 'America'. Lou played this song at least at all 3
London, Hammersmith Odeon shows in October, too.
Download: 444 MB!SgxmBQaa!TVpYwxxT0SersuNYMQIVJwjcHpoIXiqBrAL_jnZx9vk

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