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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Live At Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany 04-08-2013

 Live At Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany 04-08-2013

Photos By Doreen Reichmann


01. Intro
02. Let The Day Begin
03. Rival
04. Red Eyed And Tears
05. Hate The Taste
06. Beat The Devils Tattoo
07. Whatever Happened To My Rock ´n Roll
08. Ain´t No Easy Way
09. Berlin
10. 666 Conducer
11. Returning
12. Mercy
13. Devil´s Waitin
14. Fire Walker Intro
15. Fire Walker
16. Windows
17. Conscience Killer
18. Stop
19. Love Burns Intro
20. Love Burns
21. Lullaby
22. Funny Games
23. Six Barrel Shotgun
24. Spread Your Love
25. Encore Break
26. Sell It
27. Lose Yourself
28. Outro

Edirol R-09 HR > Sony ECM 719 (24bit + 96kHz)
Edirol R-09 HR > USB > HD > Wavelab (normalization, track split, 16 bit/44,1 kHz conversion) > Traders Little Helper (Flac Conversion)
First Songs until "Ain´t No Easy Way" in front of the stage right inbetween the rocking mob (bad idea taping-wise:-)) Moved to FOB approx 20 meters away from stage during the song
Kris Mountain (

Tapers Comment:
This taping has some issues as I started to tape right in front of the stage (read above) and had a tough spot standing there, after I moved which is noticable during "Ain´t No Easy Way" it got better

Enjoy the recording, share for free and DO NOT sell or buy it!!!

Download: 666 MB!HooFRI4Q!GyKjpAyM7yMggAI5V9gf6VLRd7t1EQWWPVN-iWxMKJo

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