lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

Black Star Riders - Live At Eisporthalle, Inzell, Germany 06-01-2013

Live At Eisporthalle, Inzell, Germany 06-01-2013


01 All Hell Breaks Loose
02 Jailbreak
03 Bloodshot
04 Waiting For An Alibi
05 Hoodoo Voodoo
06 Massacre
07 Kingdom Of The Lost
08 Valley Of The Stones
09 Emerald
10 Bound For Glory
11 The Boys Are Back In Town


Source: Audience, Master
Taper: burn/stormbringer
Transfered: burn/stormbringer
Taped with: Sony PCM-M10 and Sony Mic ECM 719
Art: included

This is so far the second gig they played.
Please support the band and buy there records.
On the first song the mix is not good, it goes better on every song.
Enjoy the concert.


Download: 370,7 MB!tNJjmCJA!SBJ57WdBIzH8US-Klsr7N39vSZRd7EGMkdQ6xo3cmtc

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