viernes, 21 de junio de 2013

Baroness - Live At Firebird, St. Louis, Missouri 06-05-2013

 Live At Firebird, St. Louis, Missouri 06-05-2013


01 Intro - Ogeechee Hymnal
02 Take My Bones Away
03 March to the Sea
04 A Horse Called Golgotha
05 Foolsong
06 Little Things
07 Green Theme
08 Swollen and Halo
09 Board Up the House
10 Sea Lungs
12 Cocainium
13 John: "It Is Good To Be Back, Thank You For The Hope."
14 Eula
15 The Sweetest Curse
16 Isak
17 The Gnashing
18 Pete: I Have A Few Words To Say - John: "Something To Look Forward To"
19 The Line Between - Coliseum
20 Jake Leg


Core Sound Binaurals/Battery Box > Olympus LS-10 > Audacity/Trader's Little Helper (SBE Fix/FLAC8)

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Yellow: VI-33

Download: 500,2 MB!NFAEjBjA!XlBgsVT8MZgbnDwFbDguDHXWmSlSKMsfXeiLFlBVZhA

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