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Danko Jones - Live At Melkweg, Amsterdam, Nederland 10-14-2012

Live At Melkweg, Amsterdam, Nederland 10-14-2012

Photos By Frank Dijkgraaf


01 Terrified
02 I Want You
03 Forget My Name
04 First Date
05 Just A Beautiful Day
06 Code Of The Road
07 Mango Kid
08 Full Of Regret
09 Lovercall
10 Conceited
11 Cadilac Cut Short
12 Cadilac Restart
13 I Believed In God
14 I Think Bad Thoughts
15 Had Enough
16 The Mountain

Editor: Grigio


Sony PCM D-50 Linear PCM Recorder Wav24-bit 96KHZ.
Sony Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo 8GB
To pc via USB with Hama card reader
via WeTransfer to Grigio
Har-Bal v2.3
Wavelab v6.10 Build 340 (Effects: Magneto 1-5, D82 Sonic Maximizer, Waves L3 Ultramaximizer)
via WeTransfer back to me
Separation of songs with CD Wave Editor
Wav to Flac level 8 with CD Wave Editor

This is one of the first recordings I made with the Sony PCM-D50 recorder and I was experimenting with the
internal mics of the recorder tonight. I switched from X to Y recordings a few times and iirc also played with the
low cut filter a few times. Recorded it in 24Bit 96KHZ just to find out it only takes up more space and you can´t
tell the difference or at least not on the system I use for playback


Part 1: 800 MB


Part 2: 800 MB


Part 3: 28,2 MB


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