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Blaze Bayley - Live At Black Box Hall, Falkenberg, Sweden 03-06-2013

Live At Black Box Hall, Falkenberg, Sweden 03-06-2013


01 Lord Of The Flies
02 Futureal
03 Lightning Strikes Twice
04 Sign Of The Cross
05 Blood On The World´s Hands
06 Two World´s Collide
07 The Clansman
08 Fear Of The Dark
09 Man On The Edge


Source: Aud
Lineage: H Zoom2 > CD > You
Time: 70:46 min
Quality: 4+ (out of 5)


First show with Blaze/Paul DiAnno and there was about 250 people
in the audience, and that´s good due to the fact that it was in the
middle of the week.

Blaze´s voice was really good, he sounded like he did in the early days.
The only "bad" thing was the fact that he did "Fear O. T. D." and
not songs like "The Edge Of Darkness" or something like that, but
we can´t get it all...

I had two people infront of me who is talking all the time...
you will hear them. I had 5 drunk guys behind me who made some
noise, you will hear them too, otherwise, the recording turned out
to be really good. Hope you like it!!


Download: 366,9 MB


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  1. Hi - Love the site ! I've downloaded the Blaze show...but 2 tracks apparently have some kind of problem (or don't exist). Are you able to take a look and repair it if needed ? Thanks.

  2. Hi, the copy I have, is that mistake, sorry, if I find another copy that does not have the colgare mistake in the blog ... Thanks